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Oct 08

The thought of fixing your misaligned teeth with traditional braces might not be something you are willing to consider. At Mark W. Johnson, DDS, we understand that many adults want a straighter smile but aren’t ready to go through the hassle of metal braces. For this reason, we offer more discreet clear braces to benefit […]

Oct 08

Patients dissatisfied with the color of their teeth may find that they smile less or feel much more self-conscious when they do. Albuquerque, NM area dentist, Dr. Mark W. Johnson, understands the struggle. He knows how much patients will spend on whitening products available over the counter and how unhappy patients are with the results […]

Sep 28

Dentures are false removable teeth that are used to replace missing teeth. There are different types of dentures, and one of the most common and popular types is implant-supported dentures. They are attached to implants placed in the jaw and, unlike regular dentures, provide outstanding stability and rarely require adjustments. If you’re interested in this […]