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Nov 08

Between quality oral care at home and routine dental cleanings, you can keep your teeth healthy long-term. In the event of an oral infection, prompt treatment can help preserve your tooth. Root canal therapy is the go to treatment for stopping a tooth infection and saving your tooth. A visit to the office of Mark […]

Mar 01

At the practice of Dr. Mark Johnson, root canal therapy is routinely performed on decayed teeth to save them from extraction and preserve the root of the tooth. Root canal therapy allows the removal of infected, inflamed root canal contents and reshapes root surfaces before the permanent filling material is placed. With the use of […]

Dec 03

Many people cringe when their dentist informs them that they need to undergo a root canal. Still, it is a necessary procedure to relieve the pain that the person is experiencing. A safe root canal procedure can also save your teeth from suffering further decay. What is a Root Canal? If you have never had […]