Dental crowns can be used to strengthen your teeth and offer long-term protection. A beautiful porcelain crown can also restore the aesthetics of your smile, boosting your confidence. Dental crowns can be used to:

  • Cover and strengthen broken teeth.
  • Restore damaged teeth.
  • Replace missing or compromised teeth.

Traditional Dental Crowns

Traditional crowns are used as caps that fit snugly over your compromised teeth. At our office, we use porcelain crowns because we love the way the porcelain blends in with your natural teeth, creating a beautiful, natural smile.

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In fact, each crown is created especially for you, so it is the right size, shape, and color, meaning most people won’t notice you’ve had work done. There are a variety of issues we can treat with our traditional porcelain crowns. A few of these include:

  • Cracked Teeth. If you have a significant crack in your tooth, you may have trouble using it to eat and chew. We can preserve these teeth by capping them with a customized crown. Crowns allow your teeth to be fully functional again and prevent them from further damage.
  • Broken Teeth. Broken teeth can be both painful and dangerous. A broken tooth is  prone to infection because it is exposed to the bacteria that live in your mouth. By covering your broken tooth with a crown, we can keep your tooth intact and protect it from bacteria and infection.
  • Damaged Teeth.  Teeth can be greatly damaged by decay. Most teeth simply need a good cleaning and perhaps a filling. However, if your tooth has been severely damaged by decay, we can protect it by placing a crown. The crown will prevent further decay and will act to strengthen your decayed tooth.

If you believe you could benefit from one of our porcelain crowns, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. We want to help restore your smile and protect your tooth as soon as possible.

Dental crowns at Mark W. Johnson DDS

Dental crowns at Mark W. Johnson DDS
What is a dental crown? How can a dental crown give you a perfect a smile? Watch this video from Dr. Mark Johnson to learn more about dental crowns.

What is a dental crown?

This is Dr. Mark Johnson. The name of my practice is Mark W. Johnson, DDS Incorporated, and patients often ask what a dental crown is.

We place dental crowns to cover the entire surface of the tooth when the tooth is either fractured, has had a root canal or the tooth has a very large restoration that is failing.

We do this to strengthen the tooth itself so that the tooth can still function normally.

What are the materials used for crowns?

Aesthetically we use a lot of porcelain or zirconia crowns to make the teeth match the natural teeth themselves.

Our goal when we place a crown is to make sure that the only people who know that there’s a crown are the patient and ourselves.

How are dental crowns placed?

The procedure usually takes approximately an hour and 15 minutes from start to finish. We reduce the size of the tooth by approximately a millimeter and a half, all the way around.

This provides the lab enough room to reconstruct the crown to a natural size so that it fits and flosses well on the mouth and provides normal function.

If you’re interested, call us, and we would love to discuss about dental crowns with you.

Dr. Mark W. Johnson, DDS

Dr. Johnson has always loved assisting others and aspired to be a dentist himself. He started private practice after receiving his Doctorate of Dental Surgery from the University of Missouri in Kansas City, where he has served the Albuquerque community for almost three decades.

Dr. Johnson's dental team's objective is to instruct, educate, and encourage their dental family to strive for and achieve optimal oral health, as well as to provide valuable, excellent dental care in a warm, friendly, and compassionate atmosphere.

He constantly expands his knowledge through continuing education classes in procedures like Invisalign® and various dental techniques. He and his colleagues work hard to go above and beyond your expectations.