Disorders of the temporomandibular joint, often known as “TMJ,” can be annoying, painful, or debilitating. Unfortunately, Temporomandibular Disorder (TMD) is a condition that affects millions of Americans.

Symptoms of TMD

If you have TMD or are experiencing problems with your jaw joint, you may notice pain when you eat and a general discomfort in your jaw. Even if this pain is temporary, it is often recurring and can worsen with the passage of time.

Many people simply ignore the pain, waiting for it to go away. However, when the pain returns, they may regret not seeking treatment. For some, a mere annoyance develops into more significant, long-term symptoms.

Problems with your TMJ can manifest in a variety of ways. If you notice your jaw locking or clicking, this can be a sign of TMD. You may notice a popping sound as you chew your food.

Because the TMJ is such a complex anatomical structure, the symptoms of TMD are not restricted to your jaw. Ringing in your ears, toothaches, neck pain, and facial swelling can indicate TMD. You may develop headaches, even migraines due to this disorder.

We Can Help

As your trusted Albuquerque dentist, we are happy to offer you TMD diagnosis and treatment options. At Mark Johnson, DDS, we believe that a dentist can make a tremendous difference in treating your TMJ.

Dentists are intimately familiar with the bones, muscles, and joints that combine to make your jaw move. We also understand that different options work for different people. Your TMD may not be caused by the same things that cause another person’s TMD.

One of the best options to help treat your TMJ can be a mouthguard worn at night while you sleep. If you clench your jaw or grind your teeth at night, a mouth guard can prevent you from continuing these unconscious habits.

We can also look at other reasons why you may be experiencing TMJ. If you have noticed that your bite is irregular, we can correct that with bridgework or crowns. Once you have a normal bite, your TMD symptoms may disappear. For some rare cases, surgery is necessary to correct your jaw joint.

Call Today To Relieve Your TMJ Pain!

If you’re experiencing pain in your jaw or the symptoms we’ve described above, please call us for a consultation. We’re happy to take a look at your mouth and jaw and help determine the cause of your TMD. We’re also here to provide a variety of treatment options, so we can find the best treatment for you.

Dr. Mark W. Johnson, DDS

Dr. Johnson has always loved assisting others and aspired to be a dentist himself. He started private practice after receiving his Doctorate of Dental Surgery from the University of Missouri in Kansas City, where he has served the Albuquerque community for almost three decades.

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