Meet Dr. Mark Johnson! The legendary dentist behind generations of great smiles!

Video Transcript

Hi I am Dr. Mark Johnson, my practice here is in Albuquerque, New Mexico, on the building west side of town. Been in practice since September 10th 1984, 35 years almost. I am married – been married for 35 years to the same wonderful lady Cherry – she is our CFO and we have 2 kids together. Ryan our oldest and Courtney. Outside the practice we love to travel, just got back from a trip to Yellow stone which was spectacular. I love to play Golf – I have 2 or 3 guys that we normally play around with, usually we go play 9 holes. None of us are that good we just like to go have a good time.

I’ve always loved Albuquerque. Went to high school here, went to college her and through given some options graduating from dental school, going to the navy or whether to practice in Missouri I decided I wanted to practice with my dad. It has kind of being a lifelong dream and there are something’s in dentistry that he had wanted to do like crowns and orthodontics and things like that and I felt really comfortable doing those. He did his thing I did my thing and it worked very, very well for a long period of time.

That was also the time where I got to know his patients – who are now my patients and that brings us into a multi-generational practice where we see the kids grow up and watch them become adults and then seeing them have children. It really is special it makes me feel special – it makes me feel like I am part of their family too. I welcome new patients to the family.

Doctor Johnson is just loving and understanding and you know he treats you like you are part of his family. You are relaxed and you need that when you are coming to the dentist and having work done. He has been my dentist for over 30 years, done nothing but good work for me – he also takes care of my children who are now 15 and 17 – his staff is always kind and polite we are like part of the family and that is what it is about – he is always up beat and his staff is great they take the time to talk to all the patients.

I can’t say enough about my team, these guys give and give and give, and then they give some more. They are attentive they care, they want to be on top of things, they want to be up to date they want to be cutting edge which is what they are.

Our focus now is on educating the patients through education we empower them, I speak from my heart – we go eye to eye knee to knee and I tell them this is what I think is your best option if you are a family member of mine this is what I think is best for you. Now if we can’t do this, we can look at other options and we realize not everybody can afford to do what they want to do – we try to make it we work with them and he is very knowledgeable but he does not just have the knowledge I trust his judgment and I trust him to have the skill to get it done! One of the things that people fear is the dentist! I don’t! When I have a problem and I come here I know I am going to come here and get help! I enjoy what I do and I love helping people! When patients leave I want them to feel like their needs have been taken care of, they have bee listened to and I want them to feel comfortable and happy! That is going to turn things around for them overall.