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Nov 08

In times past, metal braces were the go to treatment for straightening teeth. Although traditional braces get the job done, they’re highly conspicuous, which can be awkward for an impressionable teen or a young professional who’s kickstarting his or her career. Today, there’s a more subtle way to straighten teeth and that’s Invisalign. Invisalign uses […]

Apr 12

If you are looking for an orthodontic solution that does not require uncomfortable and unattractive brackets and wires, you should consider the Invisalign treatment. Invisalign utilizes clear trays, which, when working as prescribed, straighten teeth and will correct some alignment issues. Patients looking for Invisalign in the Albuquerque, New Mexico area visit Dr. Mark Johnson. […]

Nov 17

Since Invisalign® was first introduced as a removable alternative to traditional metal braces in the late 1990s, this clear or “invisible” orthodontic treatment has perfected more than 11 million smiles worldwide. Many of these smiles grace some of the world’s most famous faces. After all, Invisalign® is the official aligner system of the National Football League. Patients throughout […]

Oct 12

Invisalign teeth straighteners have overtaken traditional metal braces for straightening your teeth. They are faster, invisible, and more convenient for the task. However, patients in Albuquerque are often concerned if it can cause any damage to teeth. Dr. Mark Johnson assures them that the positive results of Invisalign outweigh the rare risks. How Does Invisalign […]

Oct 08

The thought of fixing your misaligned teeth with traditional braces might not be something you are willing to consider. At Mark W. Johnson, DDS, we understand that many adults want a straighter smile but aren’t ready to go through the hassle of metal braces. For this reason, we offer more discreet clear braces to benefit […]